Insight inside my mind….

some times i wonder if im the only one that realizes all our “modern advanced” society wants us to do is  sell our time, and then turn around and give them back all the money we got when we sold our time. Fuck that. Yes I said fuck on facebook(oh wait this isn’t facebook), yeah fuck you too. Move fast, time goes slower but you gota watch out cuz space also srinks, go slow, like really really slow, like completely stop moving everything disappears as space itself is a function of velocity.  You see without movement there is nothing, water with out movement is stale, but running water never grows old. Want to learn something that can teach you so much about life, open you eyes to several things…….


Empty your mind….this is important for meditation. Shapeless, when you meditate first empty your mind, think of nothing, get rid over everything, see only white or dark which every you prefer. Once all that is in your minds eye is that color then begin to form that shapeless color. Make basic shapes, make that color transform into a shape and change shapes. Once you can turn that shapeless nothing into a color with shape, begin to change shapes and colors, just keeping doing this. As you do this things will begin to manifest, and you will begin to create your own reality. This is how spiritual healing are preformed.

Put your whole hip into it. And remember, colors are even real. Things don’t have colors, they do have vibrational energies and these energies interact with photons in ways to cause other photons at different “energy” levels to bounce out. So nothing has color, just different energy levels, and the color we see in objects isn’t really the color that object is if color was real because it is just our observance of the interaction one energy has with another energy. So our brains just create colors for us so we can have so real useful information, but at the end of the day outside my mind in lets say the real world colors are not even real. Yet you want me to take them as so…..wrong.

Anyways I’m out. Remember an hour a day for 365 days will leave you with a blog that is making money. I will leave you with an OTR convo with my friend…..

(8:14:32 PM) Colton Jenkins: back
(8:17:03 PM) Colton Jenkins: I’m going to check out immutant which wraps around jboss (java EE server) and see about reverse proxying nginx to it
(8:38:43 PM) Colton Jenkins: check this out
(8:38:48 PM) Colton Jenkins: websockets in clojure
(8:38:53 PM) Colton Jenkins: there we go with a chat box
(8:38:58 PM) Colton Jenkins: lib-noir for auth
(8:39:02 PM) Colton Jenkins: sente for websockets
(8:39:13 PM) Colton Jenkins: might as well just go around tonight finding plugins we can use
(8:39:36 PM) Colton Jenkins: and routing is eazy peezy with compojure
(8:39:41 PM) Colton Jenkins: the plugin that handles routing
(8:40:04 PM) Colton Jenkins: (HTTP_METHOD “/slug” (method_to_handle))
(8:40:09 PM) Colton Jenkins: (GET “/” (home))
(8:40:27 PM) Colton Jenkins: (GET “/login” (login-form))
(POST “/login” (login-handle))
(8:40:37 PM) Colton Jenkins: have a site setup in fucking no time
(8:40:44 PM) Colton Jenkins: although, RoR does this shit too lol
(8:40:57 PM) Colton Jenkins: neat to learn the simliarities in another language
(8:41:04 PM) Colton Jenkins: I’m super stuck on the conventions put in place in Rails
(8:41:17 PM) Colton Jenkins: very nice to go from app to app knowing dir structure, where to look for code, etc.
(8:41:26 PM) Colton Jenkins: drastically decreases the learning curve
(8:44:30 PM) Colton Jenkins: how can we build something
(8:44:57 PM) damn
(8:45:00 PM) Colton Jenkins: that allows person A (software engineer for 10 years) and person B (gardener for 10 years) be able to build the same damn app
(8:45:01 PM) a chat box just like that
(8:45:05 PM) that’s big time
(8:45:06 PM) Colton Jenkins: yea bro
(8:45:16 PM) Colton Jenkins: so was thinking during trick or treat
(8:45:23 PM) Colton Jenkins: we begin building these tools
(8:45:44 PM) Colton Jenkins: we think of how to bulid out thaumaturge
(8:45:52 PM) Colton Jenkins: we have this simple concept of blocks
(8:46:09 PM) Colton Jenkins: you build legos with blocks
(8:46:12 PM) Colton Jenkins: life has building blocks
(8:46:17 PM) Colton Jenkins: now we bring blocks to the web
(8:46:23 PM) yeah
(8:46:30 PM) blocks on blocks
(8:46:36 PM) minecraft has blocks
(8:46:36 PM) Colton Jenkins: blocks are merely a concept to build whatever you want so don’t be confused by the term
(8:46:51 PM) i have 10 hours of transcription to do
(8:46:58 PM) of how to invest in realestate
(8:47:02 PM) that’s going to be fun
(8:47:05 PM) Colton Jenkins: Blocks can be html elements, login forms, chat box, oauth2 authentication, csv uploader, email template builder, etc.
(8:47:13 PM) Colton Jenkins: wtf
(8:47:20 PM) taht $$ you know
(8:47:21 PM) Colton Jenkins: jesus man
(8:47:29 PM) have to eat and I want to take a break from developing
(8:47:32 PM) so i can develop
(8:47:35 PM) if you know what i mean
(8:47:36 PM) Colton Jenkins: might as pour tiny droplets over your forehead for long periods of time
(8:48:02 PM) Colton Jenkins: yeah, need money
(8:51:45 PM) Colton Jenkins: so our first block we can make is a csv/excel importer right
(8:52:06 PM) money
(8:52:11 PM) yes money
(8:52:14 PM) we like money
(8:52:16 PM) what we need
(8:52:23 PM) what does evryone one need
(8:52:39 PM) a website they can customize themsevels easy without a developer
(8:52:43 PM) and a blog
(8:52:58 PM) a blog that can lets say blog hwole pages instad of just apost
(8:52:58 PM) Colton Jenkins: build it generic and add to thaumaturge toolbox then customize a bit for client
(8:53:10 PM) and they also want to have the backend user system
(8:53:16 PM) and a mainling list sytem
(8:53:23 PM) Colton Jenkins: exactly
(8:53:27 PM) and they will pay us to provide that shit
(8:53:28 PM) Colton Jenkins: each one of those are blocks
(8:53:46 PM) I’m goign to set up a job in elace to target forign worker
(8:53:54 PM) Colton Jenkins: and what I’m saying is the blocks that pay is are the ones we should do first lol
(8:54:01 PM) Colton Jenkins: like csv importer… elance job would use it
(8:54:09 PM) Colton Jenkins: if there is a elance job that needs a blog then we build it
(8:54:37 PM) workers, they will send me links to jobs they want to do and will do and the price they will do it for, and i will bid from my established account for them, i get it, they do it and get paid and so do i,
(8:54:46 PM) hopefully that will free up some time and make some money
(8:55:18 PM) Colton Jenkins: lol
(8:55:24 PM) Colton Jenkins: this guy
(9:02:04 PM) I’m Jon Vaughn. I’m a professional developer. I’ve started Elace as an arm of my company. I have noticed that many US job posters will only want to hire US workers. I want to help you bridge this gap. I would like to help you contract jobs that you can do by successfully submitting winning proposals to the US contract jobs that you want to fulfill. You will let me know what jobs you want to do, what your price for doing them is and I will place bids and if awarded you will do the job and get paid. I can provide guidance and help with my 5+ years of professional development experience.

Let’s work together and all make some extra money. Please submit your general rates, and some links to your work, and your prefered communication method. I look forward to hearing from you and developing a professional working relationship.
(9:03:09 PM) Colton Jenkins: white face on the brown machine
(9:05:06 PM) Colton Jenkins: make a multi billion dollar company by being the white face for ‘x’ number of foreign developers lol
(9:05:52 PM) Colton Jenkins: Jon Vaughn, the most talented developer in the world or a wizard of dark arts who can conjure up hundreds of web apps at a time!
(9:06:26 PM) Colton Jenkins: can you build a WYSIWYG editor ?
(9:13:01 PM) idk
(9:13:04 PM) why can’t I
(9:13:08 PM) i can do anything
(9:13:19 PM) like just now
(9:13:26 PM) i was spying my website
(9:13:32 PM) noticed someone on my contact page
(9:13:45 PM) noticted I don’t have it hoooked up to actually contact me
(9:13:49 PM) so I hooked it up
(9:14:12 PM) Colton Jenkins: word, I was just asking if you know how your going to go about making it
(9:14:13 PM) Colton Jenkins: lol
(9:14:23 PM) Colton Jenkins: how are you spying on your website?
(9:14:34 PM) Colton Jenkins: like analytics or something?
(9:16:51 PM) yeah
(9:16:53 PM) backend shit
(9:16:56 PM) IDK how
(9:17:01 PM) i’m sure i’ll get some guidance
(9:17:08 PM) and i’ll reserach some shit
(9:17:18 PM) since it looks like i’m going to have some cash flow lined out
(9:17:39 PM) Colton Jenkins: cool, I can’t stop thinking about the shit
(9:17:45 PM) Colton Jenkins: like all the different blocks we gonna have to make
(9:17:55 PM) Colton Jenkins: start out with the basics though I suppose
(9:17:59 PM) Colton Jenkins: user sign in/up
(9:18:02 PM) Colton Jenkins: emailer
(9:18:14 PM) Colton Jenkins: maintain contacts, etc.
(9:18:23 PM) Colton Jenkins: did you apply to that one job ?
(9:18:26 PM) Colton Jenkins: csv uploader
(9:18:31 PM) i did
(9:18:34 PM) Colton Jenkins: word
(9:18:36 PM) yes
(9:18:40 PM) i’d like to get it
(9:18:45 PM) Colton Jenkins: any others out there?
(9:18:46 PM) i asked them to contact me
(9:18:50 PM) to go over a plan
(9:18:51 PM) Colton Jenkins: anyone wanting to make a blog or emailer lol
(9:18:54 PM) i’m sure i could find more
(9:19:00 PM) i’m sure there is
(9:19:04 PM) ‘if we look
(9:19:08 PM) Colton Jenkins: more blocks, more money, and closer this app comes to life
(9:19:12 PM) haven’t looked at dev jobs today
(9:19:18 PM) Colton Jenkins: k
(9:21:06 PM) Colton Jenkins: reading on creating classes in clojure and completely confused lol
(9:21:13 PM) Colton Jenkins: super different stuff
(9:22:02 PM) oh your confused
(9:22:05 PM) welcome to my world
(9:22:35 PM) Colton Jenkins: haha I’m trying to think of a protocol/interface for block to block communication
(9:22:53 PM) Colton Jenkins: like, they can add these blocks to make an app, but how to link them together
(9:23:06 PM) Colton Jenkins: seriously have someone that has no dev experience build a web app
(9:23:49 PM) Colton Jenkins: need blocks to be able to read/write to other blocks APIs
(9:24:36 PM) Colton Jenkins: you get what I’m trying to say at all?
(9:24:51 PM) yeah
(9:24:53 PM) dumb
(9:25:11 PM) dumb does everything
(9:25:17 PM) Colton Jenkins: hmm, exactly
(9:25:23 PM) you don’t know don’t have to
(9:25:25 PM) Colton Jenkins: you call it dumb, I call it thaumaturge lol
(9:25:30 PM) your dumb…that’s why you use dumb
(9:25:34 PM) Colton Jenkins: that’s its motto
(9:25:42 PM) ahh wait
(9:25:50 PM) You’re smart, that’s why you use dumb
(9:25:53 PM) that’s better
(9:26:03 PM) Colton Jenkins: Dumb and dumber
(9:26:16 PM) Colton Jenkins: only your dumber
(9:26:18 PM) Colton Jenkins: lets begin
(9:26:20 PM) Colton Jenkins: :)
(9:26:30 PM) Colton Jenkins: that’s how the home page will read
(9:26:48 PM) Colton Jenkins: And dumb walks you through building apps out of blocks!
(9:27:08 PM) Colton Jenkins: I’m thinking if you select a block and it requires other blocks then it will show those as dependencies
(9:27:15 PM) Colton Jenkins: maybe charge per block or something
(9:27:21 PM) Colton Jenkins: like, for instance
(9:27:28 PM) dumb…dont underestimate me boy
(9:27:35 PM) Colton Jenkins: a chat box would usually require login in/up
(9:27:56 PM) Colton Jenkins: but you can also just use the login in/up block on its own too
(9:27:56 PM) development under minimal building
(9:28:37 PM) Colton Jenkins: a blog would require sign in/up block too
(9:28:40 PM) Colton Jenkins: shit
(9:28:48 PM) Colton Jenkins: three blocks damn near gives you facebook lol
(9:28:57 PM) Colton Jenkins: blog, chat, sign in/up
(9:29:01 PM) Colton Jenkins: bam, social networking
(9:29:31 PM) Colton Jenkins: HTML emailing, sign in/up, bam marketing app
(9:30:24 PM) back round music playing…
(9:30:28 PM) dumb dumb dum dumb
(9:30:40 PM) Colton Jenkins: so if we figure a way to have block to block communication and decoupled from the view you can have the functionality consistent across the board AND have it completely customized with whatever view
(9:30:45 PM) Colton Jenkins: hahaha
(9:30:57 PM) Colton Jenkins: I don’t know man, I think this idea rocks too
(9:30:57 PM) a little video
(9:31:11 PM) Colton Jenkins: if you think about it, year after year they keep building better tools
(9:31:17 PM) hey you dummy, yes you, the dumb one, even you can create professional web pages and web apps
(9:31:18 PM) Colton Jenkins: won’t be long before they build shit that builds shit
(9:31:26 PM) Colton Jenkins: exactly
(9:32:08 PM) Colton Jenkins: bitch wearing a dounce hat sitting in the corner of his 8th grade class room, while the film flickers due to the imperfections during development
(9:32:16 PM) Colton Jenkins: its also in black and white
(9:32:55 PM) got 5 proposals form paki already
(9:33:29 PM) Colton Jenkins: god damn pakis
(9:33:34 PM) Colton Jenkins: taking over
(9:33:41 PM) Colton Jenkins: and jon let them in
(9:33:49 PM) Colton Jenkins: clothes them as americans
(9:33:55 PM) Colton Jenkins: talked for them as americans
(9:34:01 PM) Colton Jenkins: but when those bastards started to code
(9:34:05 PM) Colton Jenkins: paki was all over em
(9:34:06 PM) that’s what i’m going to do too
(9:34:09 PM) fuck it
(9:34:11 PM) Colton Jenkins: hahahahah
(9:34:18 PM) Colton Jenkins: America is going to hell
(9:34:19 PM) you pay me 150 i pay them 50
(9:34:23 PM) Colton Jenkins: one paki at a time
(9:34:29 PM) they take that 50 buy bomb parts
(9:34:34 PM) Colton Jenkins: lulz
(9:34:35 PM) i take that 100 buy weed
(9:34:46 PM) Colton Jenkins: and that my friend
(9:34:48 PM) Colton Jenkins: is the differene
(9:34:52 PM) Colton Jenkins: between a american and a paki
(9:34:52 PM) is called americia
(9:35:24 PM) Colton Jenkins: one blows shit up literally while the other only blows his mind
(9:35:44 PM) Colton Jenkins: defrecord deftype reify
(9:35:57 PM) Colton Jenkins: protocols and interfaces
(9:36:05 PM) hmm
(9:36:09 PM) i wonder what my gtalk id is
(9:36:16 PM)
(9:37:21 PM) Colton Jenkins: looks like
(9:37:51 PM) 6-12/hr for these fools
(9:38:56 PM) Colton Jenkins: man
(9:39:29 PM) i need 10 jobs a week that pay me 100 fee for getting them
(9:39:33 PM) and not doing shit
(9:39:33 PM) Colton Jenkins: someone is about to get rich lol
(9:39:41 PM) i should have done this sooner
(11:32:35 PM) we have a whole team of pakis now
(11:45:12 PM) Unverified conversation with started. Your client is not logging this conversation.
[Image] (11:45:19 PM) has ended his/her private conversation with you; you should do the same.
[Image] (11:45:42 PM) Unverified conversation with started. Your client is not logging this conversation.
(11:51:34 PM) Buzzing Colton Jenkins…
(11:51:40 PM) ding
(11:51:51 PM) Colton Jenkins: yo
(11:52:05 PM) i got us a paki army
(11:52:15 PM) Colton Jenkins: haha whats up
(11:52:19 PM) one of them has 250k in development in the past year
(11:52:28 PM) Colton Jenkins: fucking strapped with c4 I hope
(11:52:34 PM) Colton Jenkins: what?
(11:52:38 PM) Colton Jenkins: that is wild
(11:52:41 PM) both of us can pitch them jobs
(11:52:47 PM) and make off the top for not doing shit
(11:52:55 PM) Colton Jenkins: show me how lol
(11:53:09 PM) find jobs
(11:53:13 PM) give to them
(11:53:17 PM) they do
(11:53:25 PM) we’re like here’s 70%
(11:53:27 PM) or whatever
(11:53:32 PM) here’s 5%
(11:53:38 PM) fuck up and bulid a bomb
(11:53:44 PM) Colton Jenkins: lulz
(11:54:01 PM) Colton Jenkins: be like heres some dynamite
(11:54:04 PM) Colton Jenkins: put it to use
(11:54:24 PM) i’m trading dev hours for dod/nsa contact info
(11:54:35 PM) Colton Jenkins: huh?
(11:54:46 PM) you know
(11:55:16 PM) obama will be at x on y for z, you owe me D amount of dev time now
(11:55:20 PM) thank you come again
(11:55:27 PM) Colton Jenkins: haha
(11:56:24 PM) Colton Jenkins: when you gonna break and do some hiccup, after you sneak the pakis into the country?
(11:56:33 PM) loz
(11:56:35 PM) fuck
(11:56:40 PM) i needed to go to the store
(11:56:46 PM) but they are now closed
(11:56:49 PM) fuck………………………………..
(11:56:53 PM) Colton Jenkins: store for?
(11:56:56 PM) Colton Jenkins: a paki?
(11:57:13 PM) smokes
(11:57:15 PM) Colton Jenkins: ah
(11/1/2014 12:00:43 AM) funding terrorism since 2014
(12:00:52 AM) Colton Jenkins: haha
(12:01:02 AM) Colton Jenkins: no wonder they can do 6 an hour
(12:01:28 AM) Colton Jenkins: taliban done got 200 developers in prisoned and if they don’t get a job they get shot or strapped with a bomb lol
(12:01:40 AM) Colton Jenkins: so they low ball the shit out of each other
(12:01:45 AM) Colton Jenkins: wait em out
(12:01:46 AM) Colton Jenkins: you’ll see
(12:02:04 AM) Colton Jenkins: some will be offering 4 an hour, 3 an hour, 1.25 an hour, .25 an hour
(12:02:31 AM) Colton Jenkins: build entire web sites for 10 bucks
(12:02:43 AM) yes
(12:02:46 AM) fuck yes
(12:02:47 AM) Colton Jenkins: lol
(12:02:48 AM) seriously
(12:02:56 AM) Colton Jenkins: I got a paki in pocket
(12:03:11 AM) Colton Jenkins: What you got bill
(12:03:15 AM) Colton Jenkins: (referring to bill gates)
(12:03:21 AM) Colton Jenkins: can’t beat a paki
(12:03:23 AM) Colton Jenkins: out bid you
(12:03:24 AM) Colton Jenkins: out run you
(12:03:26 AM) Colton Jenkins: out blow you
(12:03:28 AM) if i can get 10 jobs a week and average 700 a week but only have like 10 hours work time involved
(12:03:30 AM) Colton Jenkins: they get shit done
(12:03:44 AM) then i can give some real time to learn this shit and get rich
(12:03:50 AM) plus i won’t be so stressed
(12:03:53 AM) so i will learn better
(12:04:11 AM) Colton Jenkins: yea, only thing I’m worried about this is paki’s fucking suck when it comes to code
(12:04:24 AM) Colton Jenkins: like, hopefully they are all good like the dude making 250k
(12:04:47 AM) Colton Jenkins: but the two indian dudes I ran into kinda created shit
(12:05:07 AM) i’m just going to have them set up WP shit
(12:05:11 AM) Colton Jenkins: one was a java developer (anil) the other was ruby (anand)
(12:05:22 AM) easy turn around shit that i can be like ohh i’ll do for 15/hr
(12:05:26 AM) and they will do for 7
(12:05:38 AM) i pay elance fees and make ~5/hr doing nothing
(12:05:42 AM) Colton Jenkins: word, I mean, they coudl setup other shit and as long as the other person is happy then should be good
(12:05:49 AM) I mean
(12:05:52 AM) Colton Jenkins: yeah, sounds gravy
(12:05:57 AM) i’m getting paid to learn how to develop
(12:06:06 AM) Colton Jenkins: win win!
(12:06:23 AM) Colton Jenkins: when this shit starting?
(12:06:44 AM) I never apply to word press positions
(12:06:51 AM) so i’m going to apply for every one i see
(12:06:56 AM) i see some for 5k
(12:07:08 AM) and any ones i get i’ma be like
(12:07:20 AM) Colton Jenkins: haha
(12:07:38 AM) Colton Jenkins: if it starts to pick up holla at me
(12:07:50 AM) Colton Jenkins: I’m reading clojure wiki at the moment though
(12:07:54 AM) Colton Jenkins: thin I have an idea
(12:08:01 AM) Colton Jenkins: think*
(12:08:04 AM) Colton Jenkins: for the hiccup views
(12:08:29 AM) you me and a team of pakis
(12:08:34 AM) we can make anything
(12:08:37 AM) everything
(12:09:05 AM) Colton Jenkins: create them under a namespace like
(defn sign-in
(defn sign-out

(defn create
(12:09:06 AM) Colton Jenkins: etc
(12:09:17 AM) Colton Jenkins: lets get it going
(12:09:20 AM) included but not limited to childen bomb recuritment websites, explosive devices, mobile applications
(12:09:30 AM) Colton Jenkins: haha
(12:09:35 AM) Colton Jenkins: phrase it just like that tooo
(12:09:40 AM) *void where prohibited by law
(12:09:58 AM) Colton Jenkins: two white guys and an army of pakis can accomplish anything the jews, blacks, browns, or yellows can throw at em
(12:10:42 AM) Colton Jenkins: Have two white dudes in white hoods with pitch forks and bunch of pakis with bombs strapped to their chest and every one looking real pissed off lol
(12:10:51 AM) need the latetes app to hack in those pesky US drones and send a hell fire at your neighbor? dumb can do you, dumb has a real i life paki engine
(12:10:51 AM) Colton Jenkins: that would be the background image
(12:11:06 AM) Colton Jenkins: hahaha
(12:11:09 AM) Colton Jenkins: right
(12:11:24 AM) Colton Jenkins: our paki engine has about 350 pakis moving it
(12:11:27 AM) Colton Jenkins: it gets up and goes
(12:11:32 AM) Colton Jenkins: whenever you need
(12:11:36 AM) Colton Jenkins: whereever you need
(12:11:46 AM) Colton Jenkins: we got a paki 4 you!
(12:12:29 AM) Colton Jenkins: Now come on down to JCs paki shop and get a 2 for 1 special that isn’t lasting much longer!
(12:12:36 AM) Colton Jenkins: what?
(12:12:40 AM) Colton Jenkins: 250k in last month
(12:12:41 AM) Colton Jenkins: who da
(12:12:58 AM) Colton Jenkins: they probably got a whole warehouse full of paki children
(12:13:03 AM) Colton Jenkins: why you not sending private any more?
(12:13:08 AM) aww fuck
(12:13:11 AM) i just realized that
(12:13:30 AM) you sure you don’t like CJ’s
(12:13:33 AM) Colton Jenkins: talking about the whole plan right where the masses can see!
(12:13:39 AM) Colton Jenkins: CJs is better
(12:13:45 AM) Colton Jenkins: but I like to put a play on words with JCs
(12:13:48 AM) Colton Jenkins: b like
(12:13:52 AM) Colton Jenkins: really JC huh
(12:13:54 AM) Colton Jenkins: yea bitch
(12:13:56 AM) jesus fucking christ
(12:14:02 AM) Colton Jenkins: jesus his mother fucking self was a taliban bitch
(12:14:05 AM) the digital mesihas
(12:14:10 AM) Colton Jenkins: exactly
(12:14:23 AM) Colton Jenkins: those little minature building blocks we have
(12:14:29 AM) Colton Jenkins: all filled with c4
(12:14:32 AM) dude 30%250k = 75K
(12:14:34 AM) Colton Jenkins: BAM BOOM bitch
(12:14:39 AM) for doing nothing in a year….
(12:14:39 AM) Colton Jenkins: in a month?
(12:14:40 AM) Colton Jenkins: win!
(12:14:48 AM) no a year
(12:15:02 AM) in general 250*.30=75
(12:15:09 AM) Colton Jenkins: yea
(12:15:13 AM) Colton Jenkins: ballin
(12:15:16 AM) So what we need to do
(12:15:28 AM) Colton Jenkins: this is what I was waitin fo
(12:15:45 AM) use our skills to win the jobs, and mabey offer guidance on how to attact the job
(12:15:49 AM) or consulting
(12:16:14 AM) Colton Jenkins: attract the job?
(12:16:33 AM) Colton Jenkins: we got to do all the talking and communication and shit right?
(12:16:38 AM) Colton Jenkins: aka, manage the projects
(12:16:43 AM) with the client
(12:16:44 AM) fuck yes
(12:16:50 AM) don’t want them talkign to fucking paki
(12:16:54 AM) no no no
(12:17:00 AM) Colton Jenkins: the gig is up!
(12:17:04 AM) Colton Jenkins: you got a paki!
(12:17:08 AM) we manage the projects right
(12:17:09 AM) Colton Jenkins: we’ve made you
(12:17:16 AM) so initally well look at job
(12:17:27 AM) professioanlly bid them as were were goign to fuckign do them
(12:17:28 AM) Colton Jenkins: got to do some decent paki screening
(12:17:33 AM) Colton Jenkins: can’t be accepting any lame ole paki
(12:17:38 AM) Colton Jenkins: off the camel and shit
(12:17:38 AM) sure can’t
(12:17:42 AM) but still
(12:17:46 AM) the way elace works
(12:17:53 AM) i get a warded a job,
(12:18:03 AM) okay i have to do it don’t I….no I don’t
(12:18:41 AM) Colton Jenkins: We bid for jobs, we win jobs, we manage jobs, we get 30% for managing the job?
(12:18:52 AM) Colton Jenkins: these better be small and simple projects
(12:18:55 AM) I get the job, hire paki to do it, take pakis work show to client, client likes, pays me, then pay paki, client doens’t like, doesn’t pay, paki doesn’t eat
(12:19:16 AM) this development company does project management already
(12:19:17 AM) Colton Jenkins: paki kills his family then himself
(12:19:34 AM) Colton Jenkins: which dev company?
(12:19:37 AM) we’re not really going to be doing anything but
(12:19:47 AM) Colton Jenkins: Sayng pay me bitch
(12:19:50 AM) Colton Jenkins: need weed
(12:19:55 AM) Colton Jenkins: shits expensive out here on the east
(12:20:03 AM) Colton Jenkins: not like that camel riding paki weed
(12:20:16 AM)
(12:20:32 AM) Colton Jenkins: I need a fucking domain name
(12:20:53 AM) what we do, we see job, create professioanl fucking american proposal for that job, we win job, we make paki do that job, we pay paki dirt, we keep money
(12:21:17 AM) This company is $525,899
(12:21:23 AM) that’s what they have earned on elance
(12:21:33 AM) paki makes half a mill by himself
(12:21:35 AM) Colton Jenkins: well god damn
(12:21:41 AM) we help paki make 3 mill
(12:21:43 AM) Colton Jenkins: dirty little paki
(12:21:46 AM) but we keep a mil
(12:21:51 AM) Colton Jenkins: I’m done
(12:22:00 AM) Colton Jenkins: as long as I get to do some clojure I’m good lol
(12:22:08 AM) pakil keeps 2 mil, how many bombs can paki make with 2 mil?
(12:22:10 AM) Colton Jenkins: and get enough to start a weed farm
(12:22:15 AM) Colton Jenkins: a fucking shit ton
(12:22:24 AM) Colton Jenkins: paki gets discounts from american government
(12:22:34 AM) I need cash and i need to learn this shit your on
(12:22:40 AM) Colton Jenkins: get on it
(12:22:43 AM) so paki needs to help
(12:22:58 AM) paki already kill our towers and ruined our economy and country
(12:23:03 AM) now paki must help.
(12:23:15 AM) Colton Jenkins: make a clojure spider to crawl elance and send you the links for word press jobs
(12:23:29 AM) Colton Jenkins: paki needs to rebuild us back
(12:23:33 AM) Colton Jenkins: one paki at a fucking time
(12:23:37 AM) Colton Jenkins: so
(12:23:39 AM) Colton Jenkins: you got
(12:23:44 AM) Colton Jenkins: (use)
(12:23:45 AM) Colton Jenkins: (refer)
(12:23:47 AM) Colton Jenkins: (load)
(12:24:14 AM) Colton Jenkins: (load my.namesace.utl)
(12:24:40 AM) Colton Jenkins: (load my.namespace.util :as util)
(12:24:44 AM) Colton Jenkins: or just
(12:24:55 AM) Colton Jenkins: (use my.namespace.util)
(12:25:06 AM) Colton Jenkins: so what I’m thinking is, we create a namespace for each group of views
(12:25:22 AM) Colton Jenkins: and then (use view.users) within the users routes
(12:25:30 AM) Colton Jenkins: shit would be bad ass
(12:25:47 AM) Colton Jenkins: here, I’ll do the login page real quick for an example
(12:26:04 AM) Colton Jenkins: need a way to programmatically respond to elance shit lol
(12:26:14 AM) Colton Jenkins: it goes through it, finds ones you want and then emails them

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