Why have a blog….

Why have a blog if your not going to add content? There is no real reason to have a blog unless you have content. There are many reasons for having a blog….1 that I can think of. To make money. Isn’t that what we are taught to believe in life, that we need to make lots of money? While that goes against most of everything that I deeply feel, let’s not kid ourselves, you don’t know me, and this is the world we live in.

Now, bits and pieces of the puzzle that is Jon Vaughn can be found all over the web. I am personally linked to several pages, I have many blogs, and social accounts, but no one will really ever understand what is in this mind of mine will they? Who cares? You want to make some money right? Cool, do you think money is just going to fall out of the sky? It might, but more likely you will need to do something for it, and seek it out. Where can you start? You can easily start by setting up your own blog and beginning to generate traffic.

You can set up a free blog, and you can even find places that will host it for free, like this website you are on. You can use your blog to talk about yourself, talk with your friends, have random interactions with internet strangers and real creepers, or my favorite you can use it to make money.

First go get your blog set up and let me know when you are done with that, or go buy something here

That’s just another free thing you can do online, set up a free shop. I’ll try to help you out more now that you’ve convinced me to set up a blog.

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