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So after setting up my blog I’m need to get paid for it right. Why not. I get paid for everything else I do online. So there are several ways you can get paid and make extra money online. Trust me I know, I just developed a whole work from home online portal for a client. But this ain’t that…..

So lets look at review me… First…what let me here? Well I saw this post

Review Me:  

Review Me is strictly for paid reviews. Just sign up for an account, then advertisers will contact you to participate in reviews. You decide whether or not to accept the assignment; payout ranges from $20.00 to $200.00 for each completed review that you post on your site. Payments are made the first of the month via PayPal, check or debit card.

And I thought well hey, I can do that can’t I? So I went there to check it out. Let me tell you what I found.  They claim I can:


  • Access to high-quality advertisers that value your audience, with expansion into Europe and Latin America
  • Content-relevent InLinks based on your website’s content
  • Publisher relationship management with 24-hour response time
  • Highest ratio of page real estate to revenue earned versus all other advertiser programs, including Google Adsense
  • Get paid instantly on the 1st of each month with no fees

Sign up is easy enough. If you want to start making money sign up as a publisher, if you want to by ads then sign up as an advertiser, if you think you may want to do both then there’s a link for that too. They ask for a lot of information, but you can lie on it like I do if you want. Everyone wants so much information these days. Once you sign up go verify your account by checking your email. The sign up was easy enough, now you  have to set everything up. Like everything else there is no magic solution to getting money right away. You want some money, you have to work. It’s going to take you a little while to set up your pages, get sponsored ads, and start getting paid.

Keep your blog active, link to it as much as you can, link to other sites as well.

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