The typical….First Post

Oh my gosh. I set up a wordpress blog. How easy what that? Well it was pretty easy, all I really have done so far is click some links. I downloaded wordpress. Uploaded to my server to a folder called whyIhateWordPress and then just installed it. So as soon as I install it I have 7 required updates. Great, I’ll get to those later.

There are several reasons I am not a wordpress fan.

1. I am a developer. WordPress is not really for developers, it’s for “dummies” who can’t code or create their own websites so they use a CMS (content management system). Although there is nothing wrong with this it seems like when people want to hire me to do things they can’t do in wordpress typically they never really want to pay me what it worth for the hassle of messing with wordpress.

2. People who use wordpress think they are developers, or web designers.

3. wordpress is really mostly stupid when you look in to the structure.

4. Everybody likes wordpress.

5. I have more reasons, many many more reasons, but I am not going to get into them because it’s going to take me way to long to style and set up this new wordpress blog that will focus on why I hate wordpress.


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