A yearly mission in education and self reflection. I teach computer programming at several high schools. I reflect and appriciate difference in cultures.

Me Teaching

Here is a video of me teaching a HTML programming class to 5th - 7th graders at one of the schools (Quitumbe) we visited. I grew up in South Americia so I am fluent in spanish. These children had just as much fun learning how to program and make their very own webpages as I did teaching them.

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About the Trip

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For the past ten years, the IU Southeast School of Education has offered the Explorations of Diversity Education Program, lead by Dr. Magdalena Herdoíza. This has taken place every summer in Ecuador.

We have established on-going partnerships with P-12 Quito schools: América Latina (private), Quitumbe , and Bicentennial (public). A special relationship has been built through the years with the indigenous community and school of San Gerardo in Chimborazo.

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My Role

Teaching 6th - 12th graders at several schools the basic logical concepts and constructs of programming. Teaching fundamental math and logic, and basic functions. I do all the core class development and by the end of the crash course the students are able to program their own websites and have the tools to learn more in depth.

I also do prefessional development with the teachers on incorperating technology in the class room and maintaing a high level of web security when using online resources.

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I do crowd funding, scholarship applications, 3D printing, and special freelancing work to help cover costs for supplies, mine and other students travel and board.

Please any amount will help. You can donate as much or as little as you would like here. Every dollar helps. You may not be able to go help the students in Ecaudor, you may not be able to pay the $5000 it costs for the trip, but I am sure you can help with something. Please help as much as you can. Your help goes to a valuable cause. Thank you for your help and support. The students and I greatly appriciate it.

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